*  Solidarity

Solidarity is a value that is practised and shared by the inhabitants at the heart of natural regions, which can become hostile, and consequently they need to help each other to progress better together or simply to survive. In the name of the principle of solidarity, each player in the field of trail-running is asked to prioritise going to the aid of anybody in danger or difficulty wherever they are and in whatever circumstance.

In a more global manner, the participants and players in the trail-running field often show solidarity by making a commitment in favour of environmental, social or societal causes or by helping the underprivileged. Trail-running race organisers implement this principle of responsibility by directly supporting charitable actions and sustainable development; numerous participants “run for a cause” to support the projects of their choice.

2017 Congress


Each year the ITRA's Annual General Meeting is the highlight of the life of our association. It physically, or through video-conferencing, brings together all the elected members of the ITRA (national representatives or steering committee members) and is open to everybody.

The Annual General Meeting defines, orients and controls the ITRA's general policy. It hears, each year, reports on the association's moral and financial situation, and on its diverse activities. It approves the previous year's accounts and votes on the forthcoming year's budget.

The 2017 Annual General Meeting will take place in Badia Prataglia , Italy, on June 11th 2017, the day after the 50km Trail World Championships.

Provisional agenda

8:45 to 9:00 Reception
9:00 to 11:00

1st Part


Financial Report of the Treasurer

Approval of the 2016 financial statement

Adoption of the provisional 2017 financial statement

Report of the Health and Safety Commission

Report of the Race Quality Commission

11:00 to 12:00 2nd Part: Questions / Answers to ITRA
12:00 to 13:00

Election of Executive Committee


1st round of election

2nd round of election

13:00 Family photo & Lunch

The executive board will be elected later. Date to be agreed with the new steering committee.

Who participates in the AGM?

Those people present at the AGM

Other participants

  • Steering committee
  • Commission presidents
  • Members of the commissions and all ITRA members may attend as observers (request to formulate to be made to contact@itra.run in the case of a physical presence, or the possibility of following the AGM live via the internet.)

Who can vote and how are the votes organised ?

Possession of votes

  • Institutional Members : 10 votes per member
  • Organiser member representatives : the number of votes is determined by the number of organiser members from the country they represent

For the organisers :

4 votes between 1 & 5 members
8 votes between 6 & 20 members
12 votes between 21 & 35 members
16 votes between 36 & 50 members
20 votes above 500 members

For the runners :

2 votes between 1 & 5 members
4 votes between 6 & 25 members
6 votes between 26 & 100 members
8 votes between 101 & 500 members
10 votes above 500 members

  • Founding members : 1 vote per member

Organisation of votes

The votes are organised by a ballot with a simple majority result from valid voting slips.

Election of the steering committee

Following the adoption of the new ITRA statutes (link to statutes) as of the Annual General Meeting held in Braga (Portugal) on October 29th 2016, a new steering committee will be elected for 4 years during the Annual General Meeting on June 11th 2017.

Composition of the steering committee

  • 2 founding members
  • 8 institutional members
  • 8 organiser members
  • 4 sports members (runners)

The president of the IAAF or their representative is an ex-officio member of the steering committee.

Who can be a candidate?

Any founding member may propose their candidature for the steering committee. Other candidates obligatorily, have to apply for the category « Institutional members » or « Organiser members » or « Sports members ».

In order to be a candidate for the categories « Institutional members » or « Organiser members », a candidate must occupy a managerial function, elected or salaried, centred within the member of the category concerned.

In order to be a candidate for the « Sports member category », the candidate must themselves be a Sports Member.

Candidature will open between May 15 and 25 2017.

They must be submitted by email to contact@itra.run.

List of candidates :

The list of candidates will be published here as from May 15 2017.

Who can vote and how are the votes organised?

For each of the categories Founding members, Institutional members, Organiser members or Sports members, their members on the steering committee are elected by secret ballot by all the members of their category who are present at the Annual General Meeting by a two round plurinominal majority election. An absolute majority is required for election in the first round. In the second ballot, the candidates who obtained the most votes for the remaining posts are able to be elected. They are eligible for reelection.