*  Equity

Is in the search for a just balance, based on impartiality and equal opportunity from which each runner should benefit.

The trail-running races are open to all runners. The regulations are conceived so that they apply equally to all concerned. All athletes are subject to the same conditions and they have the same rights and same duties. The measures taken to welcome the top athletes must on no account hamper the participation of the other runners.

It is the responsibility of the organisers to guarantee this principle of equity, to carry out the necessary checks and to offer all the participants the best race conditions possible.

Mission Statement   ▾

Born in July 2013, the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) aims to give a voice to parties involved in trail running in order to promote its strong values, its diversity, the safety of races and the health of runners, as well as to further the development of trail running and ensure a constructive dialogue between the national and international bodies with an interest in the sport.


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26/01 Trail running recognition - Uruguay

16th of December 2016: 1st prize giving ceremony for the CAU (Uruguayan Athletic Federation) trail running category, in collaboration with the AUTRA (Uruguayan Trail running association) in which Daniel Perez, the ITRA National Representative of the Uruguayan Runners, is involved.

See the results

01/09 2016 Trail World Championships - Trans Peneda Trails

Already 40 delegations and 302 runners confirmed for Trans Peneda-Gerês 2016 Trail World Championships in Portugal ! Find more here

31/08 2018 Trail World Championships - PenyagolosaTrails

The 2018 Trail World Championships will be host in Spain on the Penyagolosa event.

More information : here on Marca (ES)

29/08 Highlights on UTMB

Beautiful images sometimes speak louder than text, so here is a short video of the highlights of this UTMB in 2016, held late August: https://youtu.be/oJpggFwx9Ic

28/08 Statement on Fernanda Maciel DNS for UTMB

As volunteer athletes for the QUARTZ program (a new health monitoring program for a 6 months test period) analysis results identified a health problem :

"The ITRA medical commission is pleased with the decision taken by Fernanda Maciel not to start UTMB this year. It would not have been prudent with a renal function not fully restored following her deshydration on a US race in July and her use to medical assistance."

23/08 2016 TWC - Swedish delegation is announced

Sweden delegation has been confirm for the next Trail World Championships in Portugal. All the best runners male and female will be present for this summit. The well known Emelie Forsberg, the recent performing Ida Nilsson (Winner for Transvulcania and Marathon du Mont-Blanc in 2016) and the ultra runner and world champion of 100K on road Jonas Buud (winner of the 2016 Tarawera). Mimmi Kotka will also be there along with Fritjof Fagerlund. More info here

08/06 Creation of the Uruguayan Trail Running Association

The Uruguayan Trail Running Association was born in June 4, 2016 with Daniel Perez Garrido, our national representative of runners !

01/06 ITRA Internship - Coordinator

The ITRA is looking for a coordinator to support its development.

Available from September 2016 for a period of 6 months or more if alternation with studies.

View the offer : here

12/12 Nathalie Mauclair joins RAIDLIGHT

The french brand leaded by its founder Benoit Laval recruits the 2 times world champion Nathalie Mauclair within its new team RAIDLIGHT. Other top athletes are coming soon. Stay tune...

12/12 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® become UTMB® and change its visual identity 

New name, new logo, UTMB® is having a relooking just few days before the opening of registration. Columbia strengthen its commitment by becoming "presenting" partner.

More info : http://www.ultratrailmb.com

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Opening of registration

Zagori Mountain Running 2017

  • Registration
  • 27/02 ▸ 08/07
  • Location
  • Ioannina, Greece
  • Date of event
  • 22/07/2017
  • Distance
  • 49.7km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 2600m+
  • Endurance points
  • 2
  • Mountain
  • 7
  • Finisher criteria
  • 390

Grand Wutai Pilgrimage 2017

  • Registration
  • 27/02 ▸ 31/05
  • Location
  • Shanxi, China
  • Date of event
  • 17/06/2017
  • Distance
  • 41km ▸ 70km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 2200m+ ▸ 3800m+

Aladaglar Sky Trail 2017

  • Registration
  • 27/02 ▸ 01/06
  • Location
  • Nigde, Turkey
  • Date of event
  • 12/08/2017
  • Distance
  • 47.4km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 3500m+
  • Endurance points
  • 3
  • Mountain
  • 12
  • Finisher criteria
  • 380

Petzl Trail Plus 2017

  • Registration
  • 24/02 ▸ 30/04
  • Location
  • Pichincha, Ecuador
  • Date of event
  • 06/05/2017
  • Distance
  • 19.9km ▸ 50.2km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 2220m+ ▸ 4930m+

Night White Trail 2017

  • Registration
  • 23/02 ▸ 19/06
  • Location
  • Saint Petersburg City, Russia
  • Date of event
  • 24/06/2017
  • Distance
  • 30.2km ▸ 83.1km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 940m+ ▸ 2210m+
  • Endurance points
  • 24
  • Mountain
  • 3

Entrecortijos 2017

  • Registration
  • 22/02 ▸ 01/04
  • Location
  • Canarias, Spain
  • Date of event
  • 08/04/2017
  • Distance
  • 15km ▸ 26.5km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 950m+ ▸ 1780m+

Yulong River 25Km Eco Trail 2017

  • Registration
  • 21/02 ▸ 23/03
  • Location
  • Guangxi, China
  • Date of event
  • 25/03/2017
  • Distance
  • 25km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 600m+

Trail Della Val D'ippari 2017

  • Registration
  • 20/02 ▸ 12/03
  • Location
  • Sicilia, Italy
  • Date of event
  • 12/03/2017
  • Distance
  • 17km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 560m+

Leopard Ultra-Trail® Du Mullerthal Luxembourg 2017

  • Registration
  • 20/02 ▸ 03/09
  • Location
  • Luxembourg
  • Date of event
  • 09/09/2017
  • Distance
  • 37.1km ▸ 109.5km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 940m+ ▸ 2640m+

The Most Beautiful Thing 2017

  • Registration
  • 20/02 ▸ 31/07
  • Location
  • Sabah, Malaysia
  • Date of event
  • 16/09/2017
  • Distance
  • 29.9km ▸ 102.7km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 1980m+ ▸ 5270m+
  • Endurance points
  • 25
  • Mountain
  • 67
  • Finisher criteria
  • 220280

Last results

24/02/2017   123.70km / 6810m+
Transgrancanaria Hg 2017 - Trans Gc

Rk Name Time
1Pau CAPELL13:21:03
2Vaidas ZLABYS13:35:38
3Didrik HERMANSEN13:50:06
1Azara GARCIA16:25:20
2Andrea HUSER17:15:45
3Melanie ROUSSET17:30:40

19/02/2017   29.30km / 1280m+
Niutoushan Trail 2017

Rk Name Time
1Guomin DENG02:55:32
2Tiancheng PAN03:01:39
3Shpylovyi OLEKSII03:05:59
1Guohui LI04:16:35
2Yunting HE04:19:53
3Yewei ZHU04:26:46

18/02/2017   59.40km / 750m+
Black Canyon Ultras 2017 - 60K

Rk Name Time
1David KLINE
2David WITKO
1Johanna HEREDIA
2Jennifer TACKLEY

18/02/2017   11.00km / 560m+
Tunrun Winter Edition 2017

Rk Name Time
1Aslan TOKBAEV00:59:50
2Denis VLASOV01:01:26
3Mihail KUVSHINNIKOV01:02:31
1Elizabet TEJSH01:06:54
2Joanna GRANICA01:17:03
3Katerina SHATNAYA01:18:18

18/02/2017   63.50km / 2250m+
Kumen Aconcagua Ultra Trail 2017 - 70K

Rk Name Time
1Jorge Hugo ALCANIZ
2Milton TOLMER
3Oscar RASEC
1Sandra MEJIA10:48:23
2Sonia PROCOPIO10:48:23
3Claudia CASTELLANI11:34:45

18/02/2017   97.40km / 1530m+
Black Canyon Ultras 2017 - 100K

Rk Name Time

12/02/2017   5.10km / 960m+
Kilometro Vertical Pico De Orizaba 2017

Rk Name Time
3Maria Fernanda D OPORTO ROMERO

12/02/2017   26.80km / 1320m+
Val Maremola Trail 2017

Rk Name Time
1Claudio DEL GRANDE02:19:50
2Stefano RINALDI02:24:10
3Stefano BUTTI02:25:56
1Lara CRIVELLI03:01:30
2Giuliana ARRIGONI03:02:34
3Cinzia TOMATTIS03:03:15

12/02/2017   53.20km / 2720m+
Santo Thyrso Ultra Trilhos 2017 - Ultra Trilhos

Rk Name Time
1Bruno MOREIRA05:16:16
2Pedro SOUSA05:22:42
3Diogo FERNANDES05:23:33
1Ana GONCALVES06:29:45
2Paula LAGE06:54:40
3Jocelina FERREIRA07:00:40

12/02/2017   27.30km / 1160m+
Santo Thyrso Ultra Trilhos 2017 - Trilho Longo

Rk Name Time
1Bruno SILVA02:27:49
2Victor FERNANDES02:28:09
3Helder SILVA02:29:25
1Daniela RUSSO03:06:51
2Elisabete SANTOS03:19:00
3Tania SALGADO03:21:42
21/04/2015 14:07

Presentation of the new race evaluation service

ITRA inaugurates a new race evaluation service. This service introduces a major updating of ITRA points (now a 1 to 6 scale) and new evaluation criteria called "Mountain" and "Finisher".

First this evaluation service will only be accessible to the organizers. It will enable them to get accustomed to this new system and to make any comments they would have to us. It will be official at the end of november when the new trail international schedule opens on ITRA website.

The objective is always to give reliable information to runners and to add value to the quality of your tracks. For every evaluation demand, ITRA commits to provide information below:

  1. Certification of the track: our experience teaches us that the values announced on a track (distance and difference in height) are sometimes far from the reality but also that GPS data are often hard to exploit. One of the first missions within the tracks evaluation commission was to elaborate an analysis method of GPS tracks that we keep improving to be as close as possible to the reality of the field (more information about the method here). If the organizers want ITRA to certify their track, we ask them to supply a quality GPS file responding to a certain requirement degree (average distance between 2 points). By committing to the distance and the difference in height measured, ITRA wishes to give reliable information to runners and organizers.

  2. Evaluation of the races:

    • "Endurance" criteria (update): the notation system has been reviewed to involve more trails and some stages have also been adjusted to be closer to the "field" feeling. Based on the number of effort points obtained mostly with distance and vertical gain (with the formula: distance (km) + vertical gain (m) / 100) the new scale is as follows:

      Effort Points Former scale New Scale
      0 - 24 0 0
      25 - 39 0 1
      40 - 64 0 2
      65 - 89 1 3
      90 - 129 2 4
      130 - 139 3 4
      140 - 179 3 5
      180 - 189 4 5
      > 190 4 6
    • The Mountain level (new): it distinguishes the "Mountain" difficulty of a race on a 1 to 12 scale. We base our evaluation on impartial values as the percentage of slope, the longest continual ascent and the average altitude of the course.
      logo critère montagne

    • The Finisher criteria (new): it is calculated according to the limited time authorised by the organizer and concerns more particularly the slowest runners. It gives the Performance Index required to be able to finish the race within the time limit. By comparing the Finisher criteria to their own Performance Index, each runner will be able to judge their ability to finish the race within the time limit.
      logo critère finisher